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JX Ovulation Calendar

Editing menstrual cycle settings

The ovulation calendar uses the following three menstrual cycle parameters for calculating state for each day:

  • Start date of last menstrual cycle.
  • Average length of your menstrual cycle.
  • Length of your luteal phase.
  • Menstrual cycle length, in days.

You can enter these parameters individually, via the "Cycle" item of the main menu, or using the "Menstrual Cycle Parameters" window, which you can open by clicking "Edit..." in the "Menstrual Cycle Parameters" section of the main window:

Screenshot - JX Ovulation Calendar - Menstrual Cycle Parameters

You can edit those three settings in this window as well. By clicking on "Set today" you will set the today's date as the first day of your menstrual cycle. Once you have clicked "OK", the new settings will become effective, and the calendar will display state for each day.