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JX Ovulation Calendar

Main menu and Toolbar

The program's main window has a toolbar and menu. One of these items can be disabled in the settings window. The table below describes the main menu items and, if an item has an icon, that item is also available as a button on the toolbar.

Menu item Icon Description
Opens the settings window where you can change startup, appearance, alerts, and interface language settings.
Note Manager...
Opens the Note Manager window, in which you can view, add or delete notes.
Opens the menstrual cycles' history window, where you can view, edit, add, and delete menstrual cycles.
Opens ovulation calendar print preview window where you can select number of months to be printed, legend settings, and adjust page settings.
Prints selected number of months (can be adjusted in the preview window) beginning from the month being displayed in the main window.
Saves settings and exits from the ovulation calculator.
Last period...   Opens window where you can select your last menstrual cycle's first day.
Length   Allows you to select your menstrual cycle length from those available on the submenu.
Luteal phase   Allows you to select your luteal phase length from those available on the submenu.
Set First Day...
Sets current date selected on the calendar as the first day of your menstrual cycle.
Opens window for editing your menstrual cycle parameters where you can set your menstrual cycle's first day, cycle length, and luteal phase length.
Avoid pregnancy...   Sets goal: Avoid pregnancy.
Conceive (any gender)   Sets goal: Conceive (any gender).
Conceive a girl   Sets goal: Conceive (girl desired).
Conceive a boy   Sets goal: Conceive (boy desired).
No advise   Hides advice icons from the calendar.
Buy Now!   Opens the program's purchase web page. On this page you can pay the registration fee for the ovulation calendar. After that, you will be sent registration information, which you will need to enter in the registration window (the Help/Register menu).
Register...   Opens window for entering registration information that you received when you purchased your copy of the ovulation calculator. After that information has been entered, all restrictions applicable to the trial version of the program will be removed, and the program will become fully functional.
Opens this help file.
Opens the "About" window, which displays name of user, to which the program is registered to. If the program is not registered, it will display the number of days left until expiration of the free trial period. After the trial period has expired, the program becomes non-functional (its main window remains unavailable). In this case you can either jump to the program's purchase page on the Internet or open the registration window and enter your registration information.